LEOWAY 2WD eScooter – Lightest, Powerful, Safely!


https://igg.me/at/leoway​ The world’s first electric scooter LEOWAY 2WD with innovative i-2WD Control Module.Dual-Motor: 2 x 350WMax speed: GE -20km/h, EU – 25km/h, US – 28mphMax range: 90km / 56milesLightweigyt: 18kg / 40lbsTwo batteries: 721 (491+230)WhPnevmatic 10-inch tires LEOWAY 2WD eScooter combines the main advantages of a single motor electric scooter (lightweight, high mileage) and a … [Read more…]

999 Brilliantly thought out money making ideas

make money ideas

Produce Christmas cards which are printed on the front with, for example, “Happy Christmas from theSmith Family”. Or, instead of the name ‘Smith’, pick one of the dozens of other popular surnames. Sellpacks of these cards by direct mail to people listed in telephone directories. Make money from renting out expensive children’s toys. The toys … [Read more…]