My NEW $20K/Week Affiliate Method | NO Clickbank (Perfect for Beginners)

My NEW $20K per Week Affiliate Method

Can you actually make up to 20 000 a week online without using clickbank?

check this out

you can see right here i’m doing 85 000

a month with one single affiliate

program look there’s a three-step recipe

to show you exactly how this is done

if you want to learn we’re going to do

it right now


hey hey what’s up anthony morrison here

and welcome to a new

video where i’m going to be talking to

you about my method

that i’m using right now turn up to 20


per week on the internet without even

using clickbank now why do i say without

using clickbank and it’s nothing against

clickbank right clickbank is a great

affiliate network got

lots of different opportunities lots of

different products and all those things

but here’s the thing

most of the time you hear all you hear


when we’re talking about affiliate

marketing is clickbank

that’s it that’s all you hear about it’s

clickbait clickbank clickbank so

what does that do that creates a ton of

competition right because guess what

if everyone is teaching the same thing

run to clickbank

pick out affiliate offers promote them

and make money with them

where do you think most everybody’s

going to get their affiliate offers

they’re all going to

clickbank and so when that happens like

i said

massive amounts of of competition

so the reason i wanted to bring this to


is i want to share with you a method

that you can use to generate

revenue online that i’m using to

generate twenty thousand dollars a week

where i’m not even talking about or even

logging into a clickbank account to make

it happen

so first and foremost because i know

that a lot of people like to fake it in

these videos and like to tell you

they’re doing stuff that they’re not

really doing

let’s go to my computer screen real

quick and i’m going to show you that

right here on the screen

you can see my current mrr that’s just

basically my monthly run rate so

how much money i’m making uh on a


projected to make this month is eighty

five thousand two hundred seventy two


um and zero cents right so that’s a

little over

twenty thousand dollars per week now

that’s what i’m projected to make

right now as you can see um

if you scroll back up in my

stats here with this affiliate program


in the last 30 days i’ve been paid 67

00 and 45 dollars and 71 cents and then

you can also see that my lifetime

earnings are 1.8 million

and i’ve been paid 1 million 732 000 of


in fact 35 000 of that was just paid to


right before i uh even started filming

this video

okay so as you’ve seen this is not


this is a company called click funnels

and there’s a method to this and there’s

a reason why this works okay there’s a

reason why i want you to pay close

attention to the rest of what i’m going

to talk about in this video and it’s


there’s one strategic shift okay one


that happens when you promote a product

like click funnels

versus some of the things that you see

on clickbank

all right what i’m going to do is pull

up my little trusty notepad let’s go

back to my computer

and i’m going to outline for you how i

make up to 20 000

per week without using clickbank so

number one i

find a great affiliate program

for software okay

this is key okay this is key

because software is something that


once people start using they don’t stop


we call this the sticky effect okay

and this is where somebody is they buy

something and

it you can’t cancel it right because you

need it

it’s not something that you purchase

just because you might

think it’s cool it’s something you

purchase because it is cool if that

makes sense

it’s a tool you’re using for your

business right

software usually falls into that mix all


which makes it something again that very

few people will cancel now let’s go back


my computer so find a great affiliate

program for software the second thing is

okay make let’s see make sure

that software is a

monthly recurring

charge or fee okay

so what this means is we want to make

sure that that software that we’re


has a monthly recurring charge all right

why do we want to do that it’s really

really simple let me show you these

stats again

okay if you look right here i currently

have 181 people that are trialing

for click funnels that means 181 people

have signed up for click funnels

and are currently in their trial phase


so that means i’ve made 181 sales now in

most affiliate programs 181

would be all the sales i made okay or

like my maximum number it would be that

i sold 181 units i got paid for 181

commissions and then that’s it

but with reoccurring commissions that’s

not how it works

i have over 1600 people that are


subscribed to click funnels through my

affiliate link

every single month those people pay

their membership fee to continue using

the software

i get paid an affiliate commission so

what that means is

instead of having to sell somebody every

single month in order to make money

you can sell somebody one time and then

every single month that they continue to

pay for their membership

for access to their software you

continue to get paid

this is one of the smartest ways that

you can go about affiliate marketing if

you’re brand new

you’ve never done this before and you’re

thinking to yourself like i’m seeing all

these videos on instagram

youtube and facebook about all this

stuff where do i start

this is the foundation for success the

foundation for success is making sure

that when you work hard to make a sale

that you’re not having to every single

month start at zero

right when you have recurring income you

don’t start at zero on month

2. if you’ve made 181 sales like i

currently have

well then some of those people are going

to stick they’re going to be members

they’re going to stay around and guess


on month 2 i’m going to have x more

right i might have 30 more

70 more 90 more sales that i’m not

having to go generate that month they’re

just gonna come in from the work i did

the previous month okay so what’s

important about this is understanding

you don’t want to start at zero every

single month

that is a recipe for headaches and

disaster alright

back to my computer screen all right

so make sure that the software has a

monthly recurring charge and fee

and then the third thing is make sure

you understand what you’re selling

and you educate

your customers okay now what does that


that means if you’re selling a product

lo and behold

you should understand what you’re

selling you should know what it is you

should know why people need it you

should know what the pitfalls are you

should know what the excitements are

look you should know what’s going to

cause somebody

to keep using it and what’s going to

cause somebody to quit

using it the most important thing that i

cannot stress enough to you is that if

you want to be a successful affiliate


and you want to do it on platforms that

can build

long-term sustainable income okay not


these one-off commissions you’ve got to

understand what you’re selling

okay because you need to be able to

educate people you need to be able to

sit down with somebody and teach them

how to use what it is that they just


because that’s what’s going to keep them

from canceling you see

if you buy the software yourself

whatever it is that you’re promoting

and you use it okay you’ll find

here are the reasons why you would

cancel it here are the reasons why you

would stop using it

and then here are the certain parts of

the software and the certain things in

the software

that really hook you and once you’ve

found them you would never

ever cancel and then those are the

things that you want to help your new

clients with so when they buy a software

you want to

you want to help them avoid the things

that would cause them to cancel

and help them find the things that would

cause them

to stick these three methods okay

finding let’s go back to my computer so

we go over again finding a great

affiliate program for a

software okay making sure that that


has a monthly recurring charge

all right super important and then

making sure that you understand what

you’re selling and that you offer to

educate your customers so that they know

what it is they bought they know how to

use it these three things

are the recipe that i have used to

generate twenty

thousand dollars per week with one

single affiliate program not on


right and i do believe that this is if

you follow this

that this is the recipe for continuing

to duplicate this type of success

now if you would like for me to do a lot

of that educating for you

if you would like for me to be the one

to teach people how to use

uh different softwares and educate them

and even actually

sell them the software’s for you there’s

a link right below

this video for our partner with anthony


and here’s what what it works or how it

works and what it’s for

you can join up and you can actually

work with me and you’ll become an

affiliate of this very uh this very


of of clickfunnels and as well as

many others right different softwares

and things that people really need in

order to be successful online

and what will happen is i will educate

all of the people that you send in

i will educate them i will sell them but

i will not earn any commissions for it

you will earn all the commissions that’s

why we call it the partner with anthony


basically i do the educating and selling

and you simply bring

the people in right it’s a simple

concept it’s a simple process

but it allows me to show you the power

of doing it right because i feel like

if you’re successful with our partner

with anthony program and you see that in

that program i

implement these three things this recipe

these three things are implemented every

single moment in there and if you get to

benefit from that and you get the profit

from that

my theory is you’ll then say oh it makes


and you’ll start doing that for yourself

over and over and over again so

what you should do right now if you’d

like to be a part of our partner with

anthony programmer just get more

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see everybody else teaching

right this is leading with education and

leading with value

and the money will come right and i’d

love to teach you more about that so

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