How To Make Money Online : Over 50 Ideas PROVEN To Work & Will Still Work in 2021

I’ve hand picked each of the following ways to make money online  because they’re future proofed: 

● They’re certainly still going to be 

profitable . 

● In fact, each of these money-making methods will be around for years & 


● And they’re easy to get started – perfect if you’re limited on time, money or 

experience making money online. 

+ With each money making method, you’ll find a link to my FREE tutorial on how to get started step-by-step. 

So let’s begin – here’s 50+ ideas on how to make money online ! 

1. Kindle​publish books online with Amazon Kindle Publishing. 

2. Instagram​this platform is HUGE – but there’s still money to be made! 

3. YouTube​video marketing is only getting bigger & bigger.

4. Twitter​whether it’s sponsored tweets or affiliate links, you can make money on Twitter without even owning a website. 

5. Facebook​Facebook Ads are generating a ton of revenue online. Discover how in my tutorial! 

6. Automated Webinars​you can create an automated webinar funnel that acts like a cash machine. 

7. Mobile Apps That Pay YOU To Use Them​it’s a no-brainer! 

8. Photography​from snapping pics to flying drones, the demand for 

photography is only getting bigger & bigger. 

9. Amazon FBA​fulfilment by Amazon is booming right now…and it’s completely passive. 

10. Freelancing​from writing simple articles to consulting, freelancing is a timeless way to make money online. 

11. Zazzle​ever considered selling merchandise? From sloganed t-shirts to

novelty mugs, Zazzle will be HUGE next year! 

12. eBay​eBay isn’t going anywhere. My tutorial teaches you exactly why! 13. Matched Betting​don’t fret – we’re not talking about gambling here! 

Matched betting is the process of making use of free bets offered by betting agencies (bookmakers), placing profitable bets using free money. 

14. Quora​When you start to answer lots of questions on Quora and build up your profile, companies and business will begin to notice you and your 

expertise. Then they’ll begin to reach out to you, offering you money for various projects and partnerships. 

15. Kickstarter​ – With crowdfunding, all you need to do is have proof that you actually have a plan for your product 

(and you aren’t just leeching off of people’s good-will under some false pretense) and they you can receive funding to support it. 

16. Fiverr​Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell services, referred to as “GIGS”. Now these gigs can be as varied as selling soaps to selling repair services! The trick is to find something quick, easy & in-demand to sell. If you’ve not joined

Fiverr yet, sign up here and get $5 FREE! 

17. Udemy​Using your expertise to create an online paid course can 

generate you a tonne of extra money… …Courses can be sold for thousands of pounds (if they’re of a high standard) – just think, university courses are sold for 

upwards of £30,000! Udemy is an online platform through which ordinary people can purchase and create educational courses. Depending on their value, the price of a course can range anywhere from absolutely nothing to £200. 

18. Airbnb​Perhaps a more esoteric method of earning online, Airbnb is a nothing short of a goldmine for 

web-entrepreneurs. It requires 

practically no skills, little experience in the real estate world and a little extra cash to get started – it really is as simple as that. 

19. UpWork​With an incredibly easy-to-use system and a simple layout, UpWork is everything a freelancer needs to transform their skills into a career. 

20. Flipping Websites​When we talk about how to make money flipping websites, what we really mean is buying at a lower price than we sell for. Just as is done in real estate, websites can be

bought and sold for a tasty profit. 

Website flipping is, however, slightly more complex than simply transferring money to and from your account and involves being strategic. 

21. Etsy​Etsy is a wonderful site for selling online and is transforming many thousands of stay-at-home mums and late-teen aspiring entrepreneurs into financial kings. 

22. Dropshipping​Setting up a dropshipping store online is fairly easy and, if done correctly, should lead to a profitable and reliable business. It’s the perfect source of passive income! 

23. Retail Arbitrage​Retail arbitrage is the process of buying products at low prices and selling them higher to make a profit……For example, a person may buy a product from a clearance sale at, say, John Lewis – the product will be being sold for significantly less than its standard retail price which opens a perfect opportunity for retail arbitrage. Then they would, through whichever online retailer they choose (Amazon is probably your best bet here – more on this later), sell their product on at an increased price and thus make a decent profit for very little work. 

24. Dividends​Making with dividends is perhaps the most effective and effortless

way to make a passive income large enough to support your lifestyle. You’ll build a diversified financial portfolio, without having to put in any work at all. And that’s the key part: making money with dividends requires no active work and can generate more money than a full time job. 

25. Penny Stocks ​Often, buying penny stocks is seen as a gamble in the world of investing in the stock market due to the somewhat more dramatic than other types of stocks – they are considerably more volatile and likely to fluctuate in price.With risk, however, comes a larger potential for profit! In accepting this risk, investors are far more likely to make larger gains than a safer investor, for instance. 

26. Online Trading​Online trading has a bad reputation – but if you’re sensible, it’s a really powerful way of turning your extra cash into a powerful form of 

passive income. My article teaches you exactly how to do that! 

27. Shopify​…Shopify is an online site and ecommerce platform through which you can set up your own online shop and begin selling products. It is perhaps the most reputable and credible of its kind and has been used by many to

make thousands, millions even, of pounds almost completely passively. 28. Soundcloud​Soundcloud is a little-known gem in the world of 

entrepreneurship and social media & music. On Soundcloud, a website and downloadable app, different musical artists can be followed just as you follow accounts on social media networks like Twitter and Instagram. 

29. WordPress​WordPress is perhaps the most commonly used and 

well-trusted website-creation software around. Powering 26% of the entire internet, WordPress is home to a tonne of easy ways to make money through creating a site. My tutorial will talk you through some of the best ways to earn money as a WordPress site-owner. 

30. Memes​Believe it or not, people are actually making money from creating internet memes. Unbeknownst to many, the driving force behind the immense popularity that memes attract is, in a lot of cases, money. 

31. Running Workshops​Running a workshop is easy if you have the right knowledge:…And of course, it’s also incredibly profitable! This guide will teach you everything you need to know step-by-step about how to conduct a workshop…

32. Writing Online​Everybody needs content to be written:Blogs. Articles. Ebooks. Guides. Sales letters. And 

that’s a powerful opportunity for you to take advantage of! This guide will teach you exactly how to start making money writing online – even if you have NO experience… 

33. Crocheting​Thankfully, starting up a business in crochet can be almost entirely free – even with a few material costs, business in crochet is incredibly inexpensive compared with creating a large-scale company from scratch. 

34. Pinterest​…As with any other social media platform of this size, Pinterest is an excellent network to start earning money with.It isn’t just a photo-sharing social media system but an invaluable medium through which entrepreneurs can generate a following and begin generating revenue. 

35. Snapchat​Snapchat, the youngest of the social media powerhouses that is taking the industry like a storm. Valued at around 15 billion dollars, Snapchat is sure to hold its position for a long time.This guide will teach you 

step-by-step the profitable strategies to make money with Snapchat… 

36. Drones​Drones are, despite their ever-growing popularity in recent years,

sit within a somewhat specialist and esoteric niche of the tech-world. For those of you that haven’t a clue what I mean by a drone, this video will give you an idea!And – believe it or not – these remote controlled machines can open up a range of possibilities for 

entrepreneurs to make money with drones… 

37. Forex​As with the stock market, this fluctuation opens many doors for entrepreneurs to begin trading and earning money from these changes in value.One day, the pound may be of a lower value and cheaper to buy and the next day it may rise higher, becoming sellable for a profit if purchased the day before 

38. BitCoin​Bitcoin is taking the computing world by an absolute storm. Bitcoin is the first decentralised digital currency and are, in essence, a form of money that can be sent through the internet rather than, say, through the bank. 

39. Real Estate​Real estate is perhaps the oldest trick in the book when it comes to earning passive income – but what exactly is it and how can it be used in your entrepreneurial journey? 

40. Amazon Affiliate Marketing​An affiliate marketer is, essentially, a

representative of company. By signing up to an affiliate program, a marketer is sent a number of website links. These links can then be placed onto the marketers online platform (whether that be a blog, social media account, 

YouTube channel etc.).This guide will teach you exactly how to build an Amazon affiliate website! 

41. Clickbank​Clickbank is a website that offers over 30,000 different products to affiliate marketers. As a Clickbank member, you’ll be able to choose the most relevant products and drop links to those products on your website. 

42. Online Surveys​Online surveys are a ‘no-skills-required’ way of earning a decent amount of cash on the side whenever you have some time to spare. 

43. Google AdSense​Ever heard of Google? The world’s most valuable company? Well, 25% of Google’s revenue comes from AdSense. In 2015, they paid out around $10 billion to publishers (like you!). Not only can you make money with Google AdSense, but it’s incredibly simple to use and 

monetize from. 

44. Peer 2 Peer Lending​Peer 2 peer lending is an efficient and simple 

method to make money. Peer-to-peer aka P2P lending is a practice of lending

money to businesses or individuals through online services that directly match lenders with borrowers. 

45. Location Based MarketingLocation based marketing is becoming one of the biggest priorities for mobile marketers. Claimed as the ‘cookie of the physical world’, this emerging 

technology is becoming a highly 

effective way of targeting specific audiences. 

46. SEO & Affiliate Marketing​This article will covers the best, tried and tested ways to get your site ranking in the first few pages of Google, sending your affiliate marketing profits skyward. 

47. Investing In Passive Income Opportunities​Passive income is taking the modern financial industry like a storm. The investment opportunities I’ve mentioned in this tutorial are perfect for making money online ! 

48. Buying & Selling Websites…Discover how to buy & sell websites whilst maximising your profits along the way. 

49. Selling Courses​If you have a skill, you can monetise it by selling courses & workshops online! The pursuit of 

knowledge is a timeless form of 

self-development that will be profitable  and beyond.

50. Selling Merchandise​Do you have a knack for finding top selling products? Ranging from business cards to 

handbags, turn your ideas into a reality by selling merchandise online . 51. Property Rentals – ​Renting out properties is easier than ever in today’s world. Thankfully, with the growth of companies such as Airbnb, anybody is now able to rent out living spaces to those looking for a place to stay.

Before You Learn How To Make Money Online  – You MUST 

Understand This! 

Let’s get 1 thing straight right away: 

Everyone has the opportunity to make money online. 

…It doesn’t matter about your experience. 

…It doesn’t matter whether you’re computer literate or not. 

…And you certainly don’t need any fancy qualifications to get started. 

This is the beauty of the internet: 

It’s incredibly easy to learn how to make money online  – the digital market doesn’t care about your experience, skills or qualifications. 

So if you have the determination, you’re 90% of the way there already!

The #1 Reason Why Most People FAIL At Making Money Online. 

When you first begin to work online, it takes a long time to figure out. 

…You make very little money. 

…You spend a ton of time figuring things out. 

…You’re constantly battling with doubts about whether it’s really possible to make any money. 

This is the HARDEST part of running your own business: 

Because getting started takes a lot of time and offers very little financial reward. 

You see, the #1 reason why most people fail at making money online is this: 

Most People Give Up Way Too Early. 

And that’s what makes the difference between success & failure. 

Never quit. Never give up. Never worry about what other people think of you.…Because intheend, all yourhardworkwill pay off ifyoupersevere.

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