Earn $300 By Typing Names Online! Available Worldwide

Earn $300 By Typing Names Online! Available Worldwide

three hundred dollars a day right on

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by the end of this video and exactly how

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it’s no secret that YouTube pays out

millions of dollars to its content

creators it’s the second largest website

in the world and the average viewer

spends 40 minutes a day watching videos

in a few seconds I’ll be showing you how

to rake in a portion of all that money

just by following a few simple steps

right on this video and yes this is a

hundred percent free and you can start

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all this and more is starting right now

so let’s go ahead and begin you can earn

between 100 and 200 even up to three

hundred dollars a day right on YouTube

and you can do all of this

by simply just copy and pasting right on

your computer

I’m gonna walk you through everything

step by step so first let’s go over to

this website it’s called pixels now what

we’re going to be doing is we’re going

to be copying the different videos right

on this website and we’re going to use

this to create other videos but don’t

worry all of the content that we’re

gonna be using on this tutorial is going

to be copyright free so you don’t have

to worry about getting demonetised or

run into any legal issues or anything

like that we’re also going to use

YouTube’s audio library which contains

thousands of different audio files and

music that you can use right on your

video all copyright free it’s no

surprise that inspirational and

motivational type videos on YouTube get

thousands and even millions of views

every single day the creators of these

videos are earning upwards to thousands

of dollars every single day and I’m

gonna show you guys how you can do the

same looking over on social blade for

the Mulligan Brothers here you can see

that they’re earning anywhere from

twenty to thirty thousand dollars a

month just by making these videos and

that’s just a low estimation they’re

probably making much more than that

you can see that they’re getting

thousands of subscribers every single

day they have 200,000 or more views

every single day right on their video

well that translates into a lot of money

with Google Adsense revenue I’m gonna

show you guys exactly how to do this so

let’s just jump in and begin so the very

first place that you guys are gonna want

to go to is pixels so this is over at PE

X Els dot-com now this is a huge stock

photo and video website you can download

as many files that you want you can use

them any way that you wish and it’s a

hundred percent copy right free so you

don’t have to worry about any issues

about getting demonetised or any kind of

legal issues or anything like that you

guys can just come over here and simply

enter in a keyword and then search and

you guys can just find some very very

high quality photos and videos to use

right on your videos so to start this

off what I’m gonna do is just come over

here and I’ve typed in the keyword drone

footage since that is how a lot of

people resonate with freedom you know

showing different

scaped showing the water showing the

beach and different things like that you

can type in walks on the beach you can

have people doing that but some of these

are really really cool backgrounds and

different landscapes you know going

through different roads and trees and

stuff and it just emphasizes that feel

of freedom which is what I really really

like so these are really really cool and

high-quality HD videos that you guys can

download all you have to do is just

click on one of the videos it’ll open up

a new window and then all you have to do

is click on free download that will

download it directly to your hard drive

it’s that simple as a matter of fact you

don’t even need to have an account and

you guys can download this content it’s

pretty cool so after you guys have went

through here and you’ve gathered

together some of your videos that you

want to use or maybe you want to do like

a weightlifting video I know there’s a

lot of motivational and inspirational

videos out there for weightlifting or

working out and those types of things oh

this is super super popular so you can

type in here weightlifting and then

scroll through here and look at some

different workout videos if you guys

want to use some of these just click on

the videos come up here to the top right

simply click on free download and you

guys are good to go it’s super super

simple so now once you’ve gathered

together the content that you want to

use free of charge then what you also

want is some music some inspirational

music that you can get over here at the

YouTube audio library so what I’ve done

here is I’ve typed in the keyword

motivation or you can also type in like

inspirational or something like that and

I’ve chosen to go with more of like a

cinematic feel or scene so I wanted to

just select cinematic from the category

drop-down box right here and then when I

did that I got a pretty good selection

of different files to choose from

there’s one here that really stood out

to me it’s it’s named please as the name

of it and so let’s go ahead and listen

to that back real quick

so it’s got a nice uplifting feel to it

yeah I really like that

so it starts off a little mellow and

then it builds over time


okay so when you guys find the audio

files and the music that you want to use

then just come over here to the right

and click on this little arrow pointing

down and that will download that file

directly to your hard drive again you

guys don’t have to worry about any

copyright issues or anything this is

coming directly from YouTube they’ve you

know they provided all of these files

here for you guys to use so you

shouldn’t have any problems now here is

the next thing as most of you might have

known when it comes to the inspirational

type videos usually there is a spoken

word there is a voice behind these

videos you know that are used for you

know inspiring people give them

inspiration usually it’s things about

mindset and success and you know maybe

how to get rich how to have a better

lifestyle how to have financial freedom

and and what it really takes a lot of it

is from very successful people and so

you’re probably wondering well where the

heck am I going to get that and how am I

gonna get that and how is it going to be

where I don’t have any problems with

copyright well here’s one place that you

guys can go it’s over here at the

Internet Archive all right this is a

huge database of a whole bunch of

different files audio files video files

software images and books there’s just

millions of different files on this

website and about 90% of it is copyright

free so the first step is to come right

up here and click on audio because we’re

gonna be looking for that spoken word

something that we can place over our

video so people can listen to it maybe

when they’re working out you know

they’re going on I know sometimes I go

for walks outside in the morning and I

like to listen to motivational stuff

while I’m walking and looking around at

nature and so let’s do this click on

audio and then come right over here

where it says audio books and poetry

right here go ahead and click on that

that’ll bring you over to this page now

there’s quite a few different items here

to choose from now we want to focus just

on audio so let’s try to figure out what

do we really want to look for here well

let’s just say this is like a

motivational type thing maybe you’re

talking about you know how to get rich a

lot of people are they want success they

listen to these motivational videos

because they just want more out of life

you know even if it’s it could be

something about mindset emotional

support it could be a financial gain or


like that so let’s come over here and

type in getting rich and see what we

have now you guys can type in any word

that you want I’m just using this just

for fun just to give you an example on

what this looks like but as soon as you

see results just make sure to sort by

audio down here where it says the media

type go ahead and put a little check

mark right in audio and that’ll sort it

just for the audiobooks and then what

you can do from here you can pick one

out so let’s go ahead and choose this

one it says the science of getting rich

let’s go ahead and click on that and you

can see right down here that this title

is public domain and it also says CC

well that means Creative Commons so you

guys are going to be free to use the

content from this and so up here you can

preview the audio so you can click on an

audio track like maybe over here my

balance D wattles you can also skip

around you can rewind and fast-forward

using this little bar right here okay so

you really want to kind of find

something that is really inspirational

something that it just really has maybe

a little bit of a more of a deeper tone

to it I found that those kind of

resonate with people a little bit more

but just in this example you can see

that you can simply download this file

by just coming down here over on the

side on the right here and you can

choose to download this file in a few

different formats if you want to but

while preparing this video I found

something that really stood out to me I

went ahead and just at a random I typed

in the keyword self-confidence and I

found uh some pretty good ideas here I

found one that says positive

affirmations for bringing good energy so

as soon as I saw that I’m like okay cool

so I was kind of imagining in my mind

having these affirmations being called

out as someone was watching the video

they’re listening to the music they’re

looking at the the views of the oceans

and stuff like that and then they can

hear the affirmations and so I thought

that would be excellent for this type of

video now what I did here is I just

clicked on that now as soon as I do that

that’s gonna bring me right over here so

let’s just go ahead and preview this to

see what it sounds like

you are always in the right place at the

right time

the best and the highest comes to you at

every moment yeah see when I first heard

that I’m like yeah see that’s what I’m

talking about

to have something like that that plays

over my video and I think that’s really

gonna be very inspiring so it’s little

things like that you’ll never know what

you’ll find at the Internet Archive so

if you go around you know you look at a

few or listen to a few audios you’re

really not sure yet just keep looking

around you’re gonna find some that

really resonate with you and that some

things that really sound really powerful

now to download this all I would have to

do is just come right down here and then

click on this little download button

right next to where it says mp3 that’ll

download it directly to my hard drive

alright guys so the next step what we’re

going to be doing here is we’re going to

be editing a quick video now I’m on the

Mac so I’m gonna be using iMovie that’s

right over here I’ve already got this

installed so if you’re on the Apple

computer you can just follow along with

me and use iMovie now for those of you

that do not have iMovie what you can use

is some open source software and this

one’s called open shot this is a video

editor that you can download for free

and this works with Linux computers

Apple computers of course and also you

can use it on Windows so it’s a really

great piece of software they’ve got

video tutorials that walk you through

and show you exactly how everything

works but the software’s really basic

and so that’s why I’m recommending it

and it’s not really super complicated

like some of those other video editors

out there but what I’m gonna do is go

right over here to iMovie and we’re

gonna start right over here so I’ve

already got the files that I’m gonna be

using for this video I’ve just placed

them all inside of a folder here so I’ve

got a little boat video I’ve got a

little couple walking on the beach I’ve

got my soundtrack and then I have the

uplifting positive affirmations which

I’m going to be using on this video so

for iMovie the very first thing I’m

going to want to do is create a new

project so I’ll just come right over

here and click on create new project and

then select a movie all right cool and

so what I can do

over here inside of the folder is just

drag the files here directly over to the

little time

that’s inside of iMovie and it’s really

simple to do so I’ll start off with

let’s just see how about this couple

walking here I’ll go ahead and click on

that and I’ll drag that right over the

timeline and look at that look how easy

that is and so I can drag more than one

file if I want to I’ll drag the boat

there we go and let me just go ahead and

shorten this up a little bit and then I

will how about some workout footage

because this could be a workout video as

well I know some of you guys are doing

the fitness and workout videos so those

are really cool and I’m going to shorten

and change the duration of these videos

a little bit okay so let’s go ahead and

play that back I’ll go ahead and hit my

spacebar and this will play back okay

that’s looking really good let me go

ahead and see if I could make this a

little bit larger for you guys there we

go so simple walks on the beach there

and then that’s a little bit long though

let me just make that a little bit

shorter and then I’ll make this workout

video a little bit shorter and now what

we’re going to do is we’re going to grab

this music file so that little music

file that I found a little music track

over on the YouTube audio library

it’s called please and so what I’m gonna

do is just drag that right into the

timeline into iMovie so there it is

let’s go ahead and hear how it sounds

with the music here we go

not bad

okay so you guys are getting kind of the

vibes there all right but there’s one

thing missing of course and that’s the

audio narration that’s the spoken word

that’s going to go over the entire video

and so we really want to include that

let’s go back over here uplifting

positive affirmations for gentle

confidence I love that title so what I’m

gonna do is just click on that and then

drag that over to the timeline look at

that it just goes right up there and

then I can just scroll down here and see

everything so I’ve got my little video

files over here and I’ve got my music

file and I also have my spoken word so

just making some final little

adjustments here are you guys ready to

see what everything sounds like together

let’s go ahead and do this right now I’m

gonna position that transport bar at the

very beginning and then press the

spacebar on the keyboard and here we go

you are always in the right place at the

right time

the best and the highest Aria hums to

you at every moment

you receive everything wonderful

desire oh yeah I love it you re nice


all right so to extend this even further

you guys will just keep adding video

clips and I would extend this just as

long as the music goes or you can add

multiple music clips you can extend this

out to maybe five ten fifteen minutes

long and upload that straight to youtube

so that’s how you guys make the video

now if you want to make money on YouTube

this is how you do it you guys must have

one thousand subscribers and you must

have four thousand watch hours in the

past twelve months now with these videos

you guys are gonna hit those numbers no

problem because these videos are super

super popular people love watching these

you’ll also need a Google Adsense

account so make sure to go over to

Google Adsense set up an account so you

guys will be all ready to go when the

time comes

when you guys reach a thousand

subscribers on YouTube go ahead and

submit your website to YouTube so they

can review it so you guys can get

monetized as soon as possible another

way that you guys can make money from

your videos before that is to use

Clickbank so yes even if you’re not

monetized it with YouTube you can still

already start making money with these

videos so what you’re gonna do is go

over to Clickbank and sign up and become

an affiliate Clickbank has a huge

marketplace full of different products

that you guys can promote and you get

pretty good commissions I mean between

40 50 60 and I’ve even seen it as high

as 70% commissions from some of these

different products so for example if

you’re doing like a UH

maybe like a workout video a workout

motivational video or fitness video

maybe you could direct people down below

in the description of your video and

provide a link that goes to a muscle

building product or maybe something like

an e-book or something like that and

really all you would do is you would

place that link down below in your

description of your video just like this

person does right here so you’ll have a

lot of people that are interested in

fitness they’re looking for you know

muscle bodybuilding motivation when they

go and watch your video

they’ll scroll down and see that link

that I’ll take them over to this page

and if they buy you guys earn a

percentage of that sale so this is a

really really cool deal

and this really reminds me back in the

day when I was struggling here’s a

picture of me

I was in Southern Oregon that was a

little fold up plastic desk here my

office was actually in the garage we had

a small house and there was nowhere else

to work and it was like 40 40 degrees

outside in Oregon and now it had this

huge jacket on but guys I am I really

struggled for a very very long time to

figure out the secret on what it really

takes to make money online and it wasn’t

until I plugged in with the right people

that showed me step-by-step exactly how

to do this and exactly how to create a

full time passive income right online

and as a matter of fact this has allowed

us to move down here to southern Florida

it’s beautiful down here and I’m living

the the so called laptop lifestyle but I

would have never been able to do this

unless I took the steps that I’m about

to show you right now and you know

before this though we were in Oregon and

you know I asked my wife I said honey

this new passive income deal is working

so well we could move anywhere in the

United States and so I asked her I said

hey where do you want to live and she’s

like hey I want to be warm I’m tired of

the cold weather there was just a lot of

you know the traffic was crazy but we

had to have the kids inside nine to ten

months out of the year and they wanted

to go outside like daddy I want to go

outside and play and I couldn’t go

outside because it was just always

snowing and it was really really cold so

we decided I said honey let’s go to

Florida let’s go to Florida just on a

whim right so we traveled clear across

the country here is the last day that we

were in Oregon you can see I had this

big jacket on and so so I went from this

to a week later in Florida going from a

jacket and pants to wearing a t-shirt

shorts and flip-flops I mean it was just

unbelievable so this is just like a

dream for us but the thing is I would

have never even I could never touch this

unless I really learned about how to

earn money online and not just how to

make money not like making money

overnight or anything I’m talking about

long term a long terms

sustainable income that will last not

just for a few days but also weeks and

months in even years and this has Willie

changed my life this is my highest

recommendation if you guys I don’t know

what you’re going through right now if

you’re working the nine-to-five you’re

looking maybe you’ve got that check in

the mail that pension that Social

Security whatever it is and it’s just

not enough you guys are looking for more

you don’t want to have somebody telling

you what to do you want to make money

while you sleep because that’s exactly

what a passive income is as a matter of

fact I woke up this morning and I had

new money inside of my account if you

want to make money while you’re out

traveling on vacation spending time with

your family maybe you don’t want to

always be on a computer all the time I

know I didn’t I only work a few hours a

day now and actually get bored I don’t

know what to do if this is something

that you guys want then I highly

recommend you to right now check out the

link below in the description of this

video right now and what I’m going to do

that’s going to send you over to another

video you’ll see you another video of me

and I’ll talk a little bit more about

what this is all about and I think you

guys are absolutely going to love it so

check out that link below right now and

I will get that information over to you

right away hope you guys got some value

on this video and if you want more

videos about making money online how to

work from home and how to get more views

and subscribers on YouTube while it’s

all right here subscribe now and I will

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you guys have an awesome day and I will

see you on the next video peace out

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